Land: Elderberry Heights Senior Care Facility

For Sale
Asking Price:$7,200,000
Property Type: Land
Project Type: Continuum Care Residential Community (CCRC)
Location: Hwy 41 & Victoria Lane, Oakhurst, Madera County, California
The Lodge: Assisted Living: 39 Units / 49 Beds
 Memory Care: 19 Units / 34 Beds
Village 1: 55+ Senior Apartments: 38 Units / 48 Beds
Village 2: 55+ Senior Apartments: 39 Units / 51 Beds
Village 3: 55+ Senior Apartments: 20 Units/ 40 Beds
Totals:  Units: 155 Beds 222
Unit and Bed : Break Down $33,500/Unit $23,40/Bed
 Full Set of Drawings for the Assisted/Memory Care Building
Alernative Configuration: Assisted Living & 55+ Senior Apartments
55+ Apartments:  Village 1:  38 units / 48 Beds
   28 Units.  1 B/Ba+ 10 Units 2/2 B/Ba
                              Village 2: 39 units / 51 Beds
        Subtotal.         77 Units / 99 Beds
    27 Units: 1 B/Ba. + 12 Units 2/2 B/ Ba 
                              Village 3  20 Units/40 Beds
Elderberry Heights - THE LODGE
Assisted Living.      39 Units / 49 Beds
Memory Care:         19 Units / 34 Beds
       Subtotal.          58 Units: / 83 Beds

TOTAL:  Units: 155 units/      222 Beds
General Plan - Madera County Land Use Designations: High Density Residential (HDR): This designation provides for multiple-family residential units, group quarters, mobile home parks, bed-and-breakfast establishments, professional offices, public and quasi-public uses, and similar and compatible uses. Offices may be allowed with discretionary approval. Residential densities shall be in the range of 12.0 to 25.0 units per gross acre. This designation assumes an average of 2.75 persons per dwelling unit. The FAR for nonresidential uses shall not exceed 0.40.

Available PDFs
PDF Eldereberry Heights: Site Plan
PDF Elderberry Heights - Assisted Living Third Floor
PDF Elderberry Heights: Assisted Living Second Floor
PDF Senior Apartments 2nd Floor
PDF Elderberru Heights Executive Summary
PDF Elderberry Heights - Third Floor
PDF Plan B Senior Apartments Pioneer Village V2
PDF Plan B Senior Apartments Arrowhead Village 2
PDF Elderberry Heights Senior Living Project Description - 55+ Apartments
PDF ESRI Elderberry Heights Demographic & Income Profile
PDF Elderberry Heights - Site Plan
PDF Preliminary Title Report - First American Title Company
PDF County of Madera, Elderberry Heights, Updated 1-29-2020
PDF County of Madera, Elderberry Heights CUP
PDF For Sale Offering - Elderberry Heights
PDF Plan B Senior Apartments
PDF Madera County General Plan
PDF Zoning Code, Chp 18 Planned Development District
PDF County of Madera Minicipal Code Ch 18 PPD Zoning Ordinance
PDF Elderberry Heights Senior Living Project Description
PDF ESRI Elderberry Heights ACS Population Summary
PDF Elderberry Heigths Senior Living - Site Plan
PDF The Lodge: Summery A/L & M/C
PDF Village 1 and Village 2: Summaries for 55+ Age restricted Apartments
PDF County of Madera - Elderberry Hts CUP #2018-021 APN: #064-080-073
PDF Project Description - The Lodge A/L & M/C

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