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Salinas Valley iHub Application
July 22, 2010


 On July 22nd the Salinas Valley iHub application was submitted to the Governor's Office of Economic Development (GoED) for their second round competition.  As of April 2010 there were 9 of 17 applications accepted under the first round.  The Salinas Valley iHub effort was lead by Grower Shippers Association (GSA)emphasizing the strong cluster of agriculture innovation that has lead the nation and the world.


GSA is the lead, with partners including: University of California, Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, California State University, Monterey Bay, Hartnell Community College, Monterey County, City of Salinas, Small Business Development Centers of CSUMB and the Central Coast, Salinas Planning and Research Corporation (SPARC), Salinas Valley Chamber of Commerce, Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (ALBA), CHISPA, Clínica de Salud del Valle de Salinas, and Clínica de Salud del Valle de Salinas.


Our “Creds”

·         Our region is responsible for leading research, food production, patent technology, commercialization, education and training specifically for:

o   Food safety

o   Bio-terrorism

o   Traceability

o   Nutrition policy and public health

o   Packaging

o   Film technology (for product protection)

o   Potential for “Farm”-acology (medical applications)

o   Seed technology

o   Hydrology and water conservation

o   Farm equipment technology

o   Pre-harvest technology

o   Organic farm transitioning


·         Salinas Valley region makes a perfect Agriculture iHub location because we have:

o   A critical mass of specialty growers and shippers;

o   A concentration of industry leaders;

o   A concentration of skilled labor force;

o   Long-term relationships with UC Div. of Agriculture & Natural Resources, USDA and FDA;

o   We are leaders in Food Safety policy;


The Proposal

·         The Salinas Valley Agriculture iHUB focus will be to enhance the role of the Salinas Valley region as the leader in “fresh” agriculture production, research and technology, and to provide long-term growth for high value jobs; agriculture-based technology and commercialization; and to promote its roles as the international agriculture knowledge center based in the Salinas Valley.

·         Salinas Valley Agriculture iHUB is designed to address critical and foreseeable challenges to agriculture cluster growth and sustainability, with application to a much broader market, including:

o   Producing more with less water;

o   Reducing energy use in production and delivery to the market and development of alternative energy sources;

o   Reducing packaging costs;

o   Reducing environmental impact of crop inputs;

o   Maintaining a healthy and stable workforce/workplace;

o   Producing, processing, storing, and transporting produce free from contamination; and

o   Transitioning to biodegradable packaging material.


Our Goals Include

o   Increase of capital and investment for research, start-ups, equity, and venture;

o   Growth and suitability of post-secondary education and training

o   Number of new permanent jobs created including decrease in share that is transient employment;

o   Business and Economic growth;

o   Increase in number of patents, technology transfer, and commercialization;

o   Community education and engagement in the leading regional industry;

o   Developing a favorable policy environment.


Importance to Community

·         Salinas Valley region is the source of 80% of the fresh produce production in North America. Companies based in the Salinas Valley have operations in Monterey, San Benito, Santa Cruz, Ventura, and Imperial Counties, plus southwest Arizona, Florida and three states in Mexico.

·         This request, if funded, will bring new jobs and businesses into our community and strengthen our top economic engine, agriculture.


The Competitive Environment

·         The Governor’s office of Economic Development received 8 applications from throughout the state.

·         They expect they will make decisions by mid-August.



Our Members: Partners Producing Prosperity


Abby Taylor-Silva
Vice President, Policy and Communications

Grower-Shipper Association of Central California
512 Pajaro St.
Salinas, CA 93901

[email protected]





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