Sub-Division Land; Ferrasci Ranch, Salinas, CA

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Asking Price:TBD
Property Type:: Land: Future Growth Area - North Salinas
Location:: NE of North Main Street and Russell Road, Salinas
Land Area:: 220 +/- Acres
Proposed Uses:: Residential and Commercial Development
Current Uses:: Agricultural
Project Description: Idenfied as a Priority Opportunity Area in the City of Salinas, Economic Development Element (EDE) draft report submitted to a Joint City Council & Planning Commission meeting held in April, 2014.
Comments:The subject property is located adjacent to the City of Salinas and is prime for annexation  and development for residential and commercial uses as a mixed-use project. 

Level agricultural land with easy access from Hwy 101 at Sala Road Interchange ( the new interchange) and the Russell/Espinosa Crossing.  Hwy 101 traffic count north of Russell/Espinosa north is 72,861 ADT, the fourth highest count in Monterey County.

City of Salinas residential densities for the future growth area have averaged 9 units per acre.  There are significant advantages to develop the Ferrasci Ranch, including; visibility, near existing retail and commercial developments such as Northrididge Mall, Westridge Shopping Center and Harden Ranch Plaza, surrounded by existing residential community and Middle School.

Land Area:  220 acres
Parcels:                113-151-002        25.8 Acres
                                113-151-003        98.1 Acres
                                113-161-018        96.5 Acres
Current Use:      Agriculture
Current Zoning:  F40
Future Growth Areas  of Salinas Residential Density:  9 DU/AC
Prunedale Improvement Project:  The underpass at Russell/Espinosa Road and the overpass at Sala Road are operational.  CALTRANS is projecting that the work will be completed early 2015.
Status:  Located in the County of Monterey.  Not within the sphere of influence of the City of Salinas.  Sellers have vacillated between development in the County of the City.
Due Diligence:  There are no studies, reports available for the property relating to due diligence.
Asking Price:  Make offer
City of Salinas: Municode

Available PDFs
PDF City of Salinas - Industrial District: Use Classifications
PDF EDE - Economic Development Element Vol 1

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